USB 3.2 transmits 20GB of data per second, has a very confusing name

USB 3.2The first devices that support the new USB 3.2 standard will appear later this year. This makes two times faster data transfer possible, provided you know which cable you buy. We explain it.

USB 3.2 is coming but is especially confusing

We start with the good news: USB 3.2 is an improved version of USB 3.1 on every level. Especially when we look at the data rate, which is doubled. A device that supports this standard can send data at a speed of 20GB per second, while last year the maximum was still 10GB.

This is due to a new technique that uses two tracks of 10 GB each, without the cable getting shorter or other restrictions occur. If you buy a new device this fall, you probably want it to be equipped with USB 3.2.USB 3.2 standard will be twice

And there it gets confusing. The USB Implementers Forum, the organization that determines the names, have chosen to change all names so that it is very confusing. In the list below (try) we make it clear.

  • USB 3.1 generation 1 becomes USB 3.2 generation 1 (5GB speed)
  • USB 3.1 generation 2 becomes USB 3.2 generation 2 (10GB speed)
  • New USB 3.2 standard is USB 3.2 2X2 (20GB speed)

Also Apple products with a new USB standard?

At the end of this year, all products that currently still have the current USB 3.1 will also change to USB 3.2, without having improved. That quickly confuses consumers, because the one USB 3.2 device or cable can, therefore, be a lot less fast than the other.

Chances are that Apple will also support the faster USB 3.2 2X2 standard this fall. We expect the new MacBook Pro 2019 to be equipped with this in any case. An earlier rumor stated that Apple had big plans for this new Pro, including a completely renewed design and a larger 16-inch model.

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