Are you looking for a wireless charger for your iPhone or AirPods? We recommend this

wireless chargersWith these wireless chargers for the iPhone and AirPods, you never have to plug a cable into your iDevice again. We list the best wireless chargers for the iPhone and AirPods for you.

Wireless chargers for iPhone and AirPods

Do you have an iPhone with wireless charging or AirPods with wireless charging case? Which wireless chargers for Apple are available in the United States? Which work according to the Qi standard and are well protected against overheating? We have listed the best wireless chargers for Apple devices from respected brands for you.

  • What to pay attention to with iPhone?
  • What should I pay attention to at AirPods?
  • Logitech Powered
  • Xtorm Balance
  • Belkin Boost Up
  • Mophie
  • ZENS
  • Samsung
  • IKEA
  • Belkin Qi
  • Xtorm Wireless Fast Charging Pad
  • Abroad
  • AliExpress
  • AirPower

First things first: we are talking about contactless chargers. We understand that you still need a cable to power the charger itself, but with these wireless chargers, you will never have to plug a cable into your iPhone or AirPods.

The chargers in this overview are available from around 15 euros. In addition, you can also find cheaper chargers for less than 10 euros. Often they are not Qi certified and are less well protected against overheating and technical damage to your device. Because we believe that an iPhone is a valuable asset, we do not recommend using faulty chargers. Instead, invest in a charger from a good brand!

All chargers can be used with the iPhone 8, iPhone X and newer. So also the brand new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR can be charged wirelessly. Do you have the new AirPods 2 with wireless charging case or have you purchased the wireless charging case separately? Then you can also use most chargers.

Wireless chargers for your iPhone: what to watch out for

Since the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, wireless charging on the iPhone is possible for the first time. The iPhones use the so-called Qi standard. Apple’s wireless charger AirPower is not yet available, but luckily other wireless chargers are also suitable. There are now enough accessory manufacturers who have already brought such a charger to the market.

Keep in mind that Apple supports wireless charging of up to 7.5 watts on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. You can use a heavier 10W or 15W charger, but it doesn’t make charging faster. The new iPhone XS and XS Max support faster wireless charging, but the specifications are not yet known. The iPhone is protected against too much power, so a heavier charger will not damage your device.

Wireless chargers for AirPods: what to watch out for

The wireless charging case for the AirPods, optionally supplied with the AirPods 2 or available separately for the original AirPods, also works with Qi chargers. So if you want to benefit from the wireless charging of your AirPods, you can use the same charger for this in most cases as for your iPhone. Possibly the only exception to this is vertical chargers. Because in this case, the contact point of the charger is not in contact with the charging case, it may not charge. This applies, for example, to the Belkin Boost Up charging station, where the charger is upright.

If you want to charge both your iPhone and AirPods wirelessly, then it is best to choose a horizontal charger where you place your devices flat on the table.

Logitech charging standard

Suitable for AirPods (with wireless charging case): Unknown
Only available from Apple, this wireless charging station from Logitech. The holder is designed in collaboration with Apple and sets your iPhone upright for easy reading of your screen. But you can also use the holder horizontally to watch videos, for example. The holder has a U-shape that is suitable for all iPhone models that support wireless charging, including the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone XS Max. Only available in white.

wireless chargers

View the Logitech Powered charging standard: approx. 70 euros, only with Apple

Xtorm Fast Charging Pad Balance

Suitable for AirPods (with wireless charging case): Yes
The Balance charger is part of the Design Series from Xtorm. This works with Qi and has a maximum capacity of 10 Watt, but also 7.5 W Wireless Fast Charging for the iPhone. There are four products in this series: two Charging Pads and two Power Banks. The model in the photo is the Balance, made of aluminum and canvas.

All other products from the series are also covered with canvas. This charger measures 80 x 80 x 13 mm and is available in gray. You get a USB-C cable with it.

View the Xtorm Wireless Fast Charging Pad Balance: ( € 49 )

Belkin Boost Up for iPhone

Suitable for AirPods (with wireless charging case): Yes
The Belkin Boost Up (review) is a white, round plate with an LED light on the side that indicates whether your iPhone is actually being charged. It works through covers of up to 3 mm and delivers a power of up to 7.5 W.

Make sure you have the right Belkin charger because the manufacturer also offers a cheaper model with 5W power, which we will discuss later. Belkin has taken all kinds of precautions to prevent your iPhone from being damaged by the use of the wireless charger. You will be reimbursed up to 2500 euros if the charger nevertheless causes damage to equipment. In addition, Belkin offers a three-year warranty for the charger itself.

View the Belkin Boost Up: approx. 50 euros

Belkin Boost Up charging station

Suitable for AirPods (with wireless charging case): Unknown
In addition to the regular Boost Up, Belkin also has this charger in a charging station version. This consists of a vertical standard for your iPhone, so you can charge it wirelessly. In addition, it has a built-in Apple Watch charger, so that you can also easily power your Apple Watch. At the back, there is a USB connection to charge a third device. For example, it works with the standard charging case for the AirPods, although in that case, you must use a cable. The charging station supports 7.5 watts and is available in white and black.

View the Belkin Boost Up:

  • At Apple: € 159.95
  • At Amac (slightly different design): € 149.94

Mophie Wireless Charging Base

Suitable for AirPods (with wireless charging case): Yes
With the Mophie Wireless Charging Base (review) you charge your iPhone faster than with the included USB adapter from Apple. He delivers a power of up to 7.5W, just like the Belkin Boost Up. The status light is also present and the Wireless Charge Base is also nice and compact.

The finish of the charger is made of rubber, which ensures that your iPhone remains firmly in place and at the same time prevents scratches on the back of your iPhone. It also has built-in protection that prevents overheating and ensures that the charger switches off automatically if you place unsuitable items such as batteries on it.

View the Mophie Wireless Charging Base: approx. 45 euros

ZENS Dual Fast Wireless Charger

Suitable for AirPods (with wireless charging case): Yes
ZENS has released several wireless chargers. Earlier we discussed the ZENS Dual Fast Wireless Charger, an elongated charging board with which you can charge one or two iPhones at the same time. The power depends on the chosen model.

The ZENS Dual Fast Wireless Charger is easy to use, especially in places where you meet with multiple people such as in the kitchen and living room. You can quickly top up the iPhone when you are cooking or eating.

View the ZENS Dual Fast charger: € 59.95

Samsung Fast Charging Wireless Stand

Suitable for AirPods (with wireless charging case): Yes
For some iPhone enthusiasts it is cursing in the church, but Samsung has made a great wireless charger that works with the iPhone: the Samsung Fast Charging Wireless Stand.

Samsung Fast Charging Wireless Stand

A big difference with many other wireless chargers is that this is a dock. So you can put your iPhone upright while it charges and in the meantime watch a video for example.

There is an LED indicator that shows whether your iPhone is actually charging and a small fan prevents the Fast Charging Wireless Stand from getting very hot. Good to know: the charger supports fast charging, but this does not work with the iPhone. It is available in various colors, including a black and a gold-colored variant.

Samsung also has a more luxurious variant, covered with (artificial) leather. But at 70 euros, it is a good price.

View the Samsung Fast Charging Wireless Stand: € 46.99

IKEA chargers

Suitable for AirPods (with wireless charging case): Yes
IKEA has been selling Qi standard wireless chargers for some time. They are also suitable for charging your iPhone. There are several versions. The Ikea NORDMÄRKE is a wooden charging board with 1 or 3 positions, each with a capacity of 5 watts. The price of € 64.99 for the copy with 3 charging points is on the high side. Nice is that you can also use the shelf as a lid for a storage box for plug blocks, so you can hide everything nicely.

If you want to build something in yourself, then IKEA also has the ALLEN for € 14.95 each. In addition, there are the desk lamps HEKTAR and RIGGED, with built-in charger and the high lamp base VARV, also with built-in charger.

View the IKEA chargers: from € 14.95

Belkin Qi wireless charger

Suitable for AirPods (with wireless charging case): Yes
The Belkin Qi wireless charger is not specially made for the iPhone, but it works well with the iPhone 8, iPhone X and newer. It comes with an adapter and a USB cable and is also very affordable compared to the more expensive 7.5 W charger from Belkin, which we discuss above.

However, it does have one major disadvantage: the maximum output is 5W, comparable to the chargers from IKEA. This causes your iPhone to charge relatively slowly. Great if you are looking for a simple basic charger.

View the Belkin Qi wireless charger: around 30 euros, also with Coolblue

Xtorm Wireless Fast Charging Pad

Suitable for AirPods (with wireless charging case): Yes
Xtorm has this small and compact wireless charger in its range. The Xtorm Wireless Fast Charging Pad (review) is small, round and only available in a black version.

It comes standard with a micro USB cable, so you still have to take care of the corresponding plug for the socket. This has the advantage that you are not attached to a special adapter, such as the Mophie and Belkin. The top is equipped with a rubber ring, so your iPhone does not slide off quickly. The charger supports fast charging up to 10W, but our review showed that this is not the fastest.

Wireless chargers from abroad

If you have no trouble ordering from Amazon Germany, you can also take a look at these models :

  • Amazon PowerPort Qi (5W, € 12)
  • Anchor Fast Wireless Charger (10W, € 17)
  • Anker PowerTouch 10 Wireless Charger (10W, € 20)

Another option is the Peel Wireless Charger (see photo), which has a very minimalist and thin design. This is not available in United States stores but can be ordered directly from the manufacturer from the US. In addition to the suggested retail price of $ 49, there are $ 11 shipping costs and any customs duties. Available in black and white.

Wireless chargers from AliExpress

You can also come to AliExpress for all kinds of wireless chargers. Always check the reviews carefully. Not all chargers are always approved according to the guidelines, so always check the reviews before you put the cheapest in your shopping cart. Check whether the charger is Qi- certified anyway because in that case it usually works well.

What about the AirPower?

Apple previously announced the AirPower, its own wireless charger. A big advantage is that this is one wireless charger on which you can charge up to three devices at the same time. You can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods (with a special case) at the same time. However, the AirPower is still not available and it is unclear when we can expect it. On this page, you can read more information about AirPower.

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