Rumor: Apple is working on wireless PowerBeats, own version of AirPods

Wireless PowerBeatsApple’s subsidiary Beats would have plans to release its own variant of the AirPods. It would be a cable-free version of the wireless PowerBeats.

Wireless PowerBeats

Apple has announced the second generation of AirPods this week, which is equipped with a wireless charging case. Beats would now also be planning to release wireless earphones that work on the same principle. The version of the Beats PowerBeats has no cord between the two ears. That would appear from information from the retail chain, reports CNET. The product will probably still be called PowerBeats and will be released in April.

Wireless PowerBeat

It is still uncertain how much the wireless PowerBeats will cost, but to give an impression: Apple is asking around 200 euros for the existing PowerBeats3. However, you are cheaper off if you buy from other retail chains: charges 149 euros and with Coolblue you are even slightly cheaper. Official Apple retail partners such as Amac have also discounted the PowerBeats3 to 149 euros. That could be a sign that a successor is coming soon.

Wireless earphones with ear clip

The design of earplugs will probably remain largely the same but without the cord. That would mean that there is a clip to put it over your ear for people looking for a sportier alternative to the AirPods. The clip ensures that the earplug stays in place better during violent movements. Internally, the earbuds are likely to use the AirPods technology, including an H1 chip to replace the W1 chip. Many wireless Beats products currently have a W1 chip that controls all kinds of audio functions, power management, and connection. The latest H1 chip is also suitable for Hé Siri.

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