Xiaomi Mi 9 video review: flagship ready to conquer the United States

Xiaomi Mi 9 video reviewWith the release of the Xiaomi Mi 9, we have a new smartphone brand in the United States. Is Xiaomi a welcome addition? We tell you everything about it in our Mi 9 video review.

Xiaomi Mi 9 video review

Xiaomi is a brand that perfectly matches the wishes of price-conscious United States on paper. The smartphones from Xiaomi have a very competitive price-quality ratio because the company tries to keep its profit margin low. The fact that the brand itself will be active in the United States market from this spring is a welcome step for many.

The Mi 9, with which Xiaomi kicks off its United States plans, is also the best example of the strategy of the Chinese company. This smartphone is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 855 chipset from Qualcomm, three cameras on the back and a large screen. With Samsung and Huawei you quickly pay almost a thousand euros for such hardware, while the Mi 9 only costs 449 euros. Whether there are no snags in the grass, Thomas tells you in this Xiaomi Mi 9 video review.

More about the Xiaomi Mi 9

Our full review of the Mi 9 in text form will be published shortly. When we were able to try out the device at the Mobile World Congress last month, we were also very positive. “The Xiaomi Mi 9 is a smartphone that in terms of specifications is hardly inferior to the best smartphones of the moment,” we wrote in our Mi 9 preview. “The screen resolution is slightly lower than with a top device and the design of Xiaomi’s software may take some getting used to, but otherwise this is an unprecedented complete smartphone in this price range.”

“A few years ago, OnePlus and Huawei were able to offer high-end hardware for a budget price. However, the price of both manufacturers is slowly but surely rising. You will get slightly better hardware in return, but for the bargain hunters, the offer seemed to be shrinking. The arrival of Xiaomi is excellent news for that group. ”

Interested in the new Xiaomi device? We help you find the lowest prices through our price comparison tool. Are you looking for a loose Mi 9 with 64GB of storage space, then you get it for the suggested retail price of 449 euros. In addition, you can buy the Mi 9 with a subscription with almost all major providers.

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