That’s how Xiaomi is going to improve its MIUI software

Xiaomi MIUIGood news for users of a Xiaomi smartphone: the MIUI software gets various new features. In addition, the manufacturer meets complaining smartphone owners: Xiaomi MIUI will soon show fewer advertisements. You should know this.

Less advertising in Xiaomi MIUI

One of the biggest complaints about MIUI is that Xiaomi is stuffing its software shell with advertisements. You can see banners for apps and services in the music app, file manager and even the settings screen. Users can indicate that they do not want personalized advertisements, but there is no official way to get the ads from MIUI. Advertising is an important part of Xiaomi’s revenue model, the company recently explained.

The manufacturer sells affordable smartphones with a good price/quality ratio, which is partly possible by stopping advertisements in MIUI. However, the manufacturer added that the ads should not interfere with the user experience.

Xiaomi MIUI Softwar

Because many users are dissatisfied with the amount of advertisements in MIUI, the company is taking action. A Xiaomi chief writes on the Chinese social media Weibo that the MIUI shell gets fewer advertisements. Advertising that adversely affects the user experience will be deleted.

Because the CEO does not provide details, it is not clear, for example, what type of advertisements are involved. It is also unknown how much advertising remains in MIUI.

MIUI gets new features

In addition to reducing the number of advertisements, MIUI also gets new features. According to the Xiaomi CEO, after a feedback session with a group of Chinese users, the manufacturer decided to build three functions faster in the software shell. Xiaomi has six features on its to-do list and asks Chinese MIUI users to choose their three favorites. One of the features is an extreme battery-saving mode, with which the smartphone can only make calls and send text messages.

It is still unclear when the three winning positions will appear in MIUI. New devices such as the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Pocophone F1 run on MIUI 10, but the manufacturer is already working on MIUI 11. This version is later released as an update and includes a dark mode. Xiaomi may also save the new features for MIUI 11.

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