Xiaomi will charge your smartphone completely within 17 minutes

Xiaomi Super Charge TurboWhile smartphones have changed little in appearance in recent years, this does not apply to what happens under the hood. Xiaomi has developed a fast-charging technology that fully charges a smartphone with a large battery in just over fifteen minutes with Xiaomi Super Charge Turbo.

Xiaomi Super Charge Turbo: super-fast charging

Dash Charge, the fast charging technology from OnePlus, is fast, but it can be even faster, as Xiaomi proves. The Chinese manufacturer has announced Super Charge Turbo. With this technology, a hefty 4000 mAh telephone battery is completely full within seventeen (!) Minutes.

The new technology was unveiled today at a press conference in home country China, along with a video to show how fast things are going. This compares Super Charge Turbo with SuperVooc, the fast charging technology from competitor Oppo.

Within seventeen minutes the Xiaomi device with 4000 mAh battery is completely full, while the 3700 mAh battery of the Oppo is ‘only’ 65 percent charged. This while SuperVooc with a power of 50W is in principle extremely fast. Super Charge Turbo, however, does not keep up with fast charging technology, which is twice as fast with 100W.

Which Xiaomi phones get Super Charge Turbo?

It is still unclear which phones will receive Super Charge Turbo. The Chinese brand recently launched the Mi 9, the current flagship, so we probably have to wait a little longer. The successor to the Mi Mix 3, which has been on sale in the Netherlands since the end of last year, maybe the first to receive a Super Charge Turbo.

The Xiaomi Mi 10, the successor to the Mi 9, could just as well get the scoop. However, it seems unlikely that Super Charge Turbo will come to the cheaper Redmi smartphones in the short term. Until now, especially smartphones from the middle and higher segments have fast charged. Xiaomi did not release any further details. So we do not know whether the fast charging technology causes your battery to wear out faster or that your smartphone gets overheated.

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