This way you can see how many minutes of YouTube videos you have watched

YouTube addictionDo you know how long you watch videos on YouTube every day? You are probably more engaged than you think. This will help you find out whether you are YouTube addiction.

Treating YouTube addiction is easier

YouTube is of course very nice, but not good for productivity. The app is twisted well together so you tap one after the other movie. Before you realize it, you can easily watch videos for hours.

Breaking an addiction starts with insight, and that is why there is a screen with statistics in the YouTube app: ‘Time watched’. Here you can see how many minutes you watch videos every day. Moreover, you can directly add something to your YouTube addiction, for example by setting a timer. You will receive a notification when you are about to go over your daily limit.

This shows how much time you spent on YouTube:

  • Go to the settings menu by pressing your account at the top right;
  • Tap “Time watched”;
  • Here you can see how many minutes you have watched this day, yesterday and the past week, plus an average.

YouTubeAre you afraid of this, or is it not so bad? In the first case, you can immediately switch on a timer by moving the slider to the right. You can also make sure that the app occasionally reminds you to take a break.

Other tech companies do this against addiction

More and more tech companies are busy with the prevention of addiction. For example, Google, the owner of YouTube, previously released Digital Welfare for Android phones. Apple is also trying to tackle iPhone addiction through, for example, ‘Screen time’ in iOS 12.

Not only do you see how much time you spend on your phone every day, but you also get some tools to bring this number down. Want to know more about Screen Time? Check this video

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